Two sets of Maier Sports clothing to be won!

Maier Sports is the trouser fitting specialist with 61 sizes in 3 different lengths to choose from. Each pair comes with the Maier Sports’ “perfect fit promise” to provide all day comfort and full freedom of movement whatever your activity.

Started in 1938 and driven by German perfectionism, Maier Sports is constantly working on developing the best sellers as well as ensuring their environmentally friendliness.

All Maier Sports’ trousers have a water-repellent PFC-free finish and the ladies’ Imri T-shirt is 31% ICE-Café, a fabric derived from leftover coffee granules.

Win one set for men – Nil Trousers and Huang Bermuda shorts, and one set for women – Inara Slim trousers and Imri T-Shirt

We have teamed up with Grangers to offer one lucky winner a Grangers bundle worth over £80. 

Taking care of your gear, will not only save you money but will also reduce your impact on the environment and this is something that Grangers are working hard to promote. By keeping your clothing in use just 9 months longer can reduce your carbon footprint by 20-30% (according to UK-based group WRAP) so, to us, that’s a no-brainer. 

Included in this bundle you’ll find:

  • Footwear Care kit which will look after all your shoes from trainers to leather hiking boots, and everything in the middle.
  • Clothing Care kit meaning all your clothing will keep you warm and dry whatever the weather.
  • Down Care kit making down care worry a thing of the past. This 2-in-1 formula, paired with dryer balls, cleans and proofs your down so it’s ready to go when you next need it.
  • Activewear Care Kit to look after all your activewear. This kit removes stubborn odours and dirt and maximises wicking properties, so you can concentrate on pushing yourself, and your gear, to the limit.
  • A pair of G30 Coolmax insoles with a contoured footbed for increased support, memory foam latex for comfort and shock protection, and a moisture-wicking microfibre sheet.

WIN 3 x Family sets sun lotions worth £91.50

Already one of only a few sun lotions worldwide that are reef safe and non-toxic to marine life, Green People’s award-winning sun range is relaunching with new easy-wear formulas and in new carbon-negative sugarcane packing. A blend of natural antioxidants, including Edelweiss, Green Tea and Rosemary, skin vitamins and anti-inflammatory actives help support the skin’s immune system and protect against cell damage. Medium and high protection options for all the family that are suitable for sensitive skin and prickly heat and eczema sufferers. Water-repellent and free from potential irritants like pore-blocking silicones and synthetic fragrances. 

How high is high enough?

An SPF30 sun lotion, when applied properly, protects you against 97% of UVB rays. An SPF50 protects you against 98% of UVB, a marginal 1% difference. It is important to apply liberally and frequently (every 2-3 hours).

Cheat prickly heat!

The harsh chemicals often found in sun lotions combined with sun exposure can make a trip to the beach a prickly heat nightmare. Green People’s gentle formulations are suitable for sensitive skin, prickly heat and skin allergies. We don’t use parabens, pore-clogging silicones and mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or skin-drying alcohol.

Sun Lotion SPF15 – Water-repellent, vegan formula

Natural tan accelerator from fruits of the Carob tree. Speeds up the tanning process by almost 25% and reduces tan fading by nearly 50%!

Sun Lotion SPF30 – Scent free for ultra-sensitive skin offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

We are proud sponsors of sun lotion to the elite GB rowing team.


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